Vidar Dale

Vidar is from Froland, close to Arendal. Vidar Dale is a name most country musicians in Norway have heard of. He is a profiled steel guitarist who has played with many of Norway's finest country artists. For over 35 years Vidar has been an active musician and started playing steel guitar all the way back in 1984. Already as an 11-year-old he started playing electric guitar.

He has played concerts with various artists across large parts of Europe and the United States. Vidar is also one of the key people behind the popular music studio, CB Studio. Vidar works here as a producer, but is also a co-owner. The studio is a highly preferred place for country artists who want quality productions. In addition, Vidar also contributes with steel guitar, banjo or dobro on most productions.

Over the years, Vidar has established a close collaboration with several high-profile, American studio musicians, who also contribute to some of the productions in CB Studio.

Vidar has been and still are, an active musician on the road and has played with artists such as Steffen Jakobsen, Lillian Askeland, Hanne Sørvaag, Ottar Bighand, Arne Benoni, Rune Rudberg, G.Thomas, Big-B, Clutterbillies, Arly Karlsen, Steff Nevers, Gunslingers, Ove Støylen and Arthur Stulien