Lasse Ketil Pleym

Lasse was born and raised in Kirkenes, Finnmark.
He moved and settled in Kristiansand in 1998.

Lasse has played guitar since he was an early teenager, but it was the violin he started with already as a 7-year-old. While playing the violin, he attended music school to learn the trumpet. For 8 years, in fact. No one has seen or heard him play the trumpet since.

He has been working with many genres such as rock, pop, country and blues. Lasse is a versatile guitarist with a very good understanding of the genre. In the last 15 years, he has mostly focused on the country genre, something he masters very well.

During his 35 years as an active musician, he has played with a number of well-known and more unknown artists, both Norwegian and foreign. To mention a few :
Bobby Bare, Billy Yates, Casino Steel, Hanne Sørvaag, Inger Lise Stulien, G-Thomas, Ann Taylor, Ove Støylen, Elg, Big-B, Rune Rudberg, Steven Ackles, Tore Andersen, Lillian Askeland, Ottar Bighand etc

Lasse also runs his own music studio, Apple Roads, were he has produced several records for various artists.