Christian A. Seneger

Christian owns his own drum set and has been doing that since he started playing in the marching band when he was eight years old. However, his interest started when he was around three years old after listening to Boney M’s “Nightflight To Venus” on vinyl and Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years” on his father’s cassette. After playing in the marching band for some years, he started playing in rock bands and soon big band playing followed. In his late teens he became very interested in funk, soul and jazz. This was the beginning of a foundation that served him well as an all-rounder in the following years. He started playing live around Kristiansand, and soon expanded to travelling most of Norway and parts of Europe with different bands and artists playing country, blues, pop, rock, jazz and musicals. Christian is an in-demand drummer who is sought after in many different settings. He has his own home studio where he has recorded drums and percussion on over 150 songs in a wide variety of genres. He has a two-year education in music from UiA.

Christian was disappointed when he later in life discovered that Boney M was a constructed group where the producer Frank Farian actually is a German guy named Franz Reuther, who himself performed the male vocals on several of their hits. This showed that it wasn’t necessarily the people on the album cover who were performing. Christian has put this sad moment behind him.

Christian is currently playing with Heatseekers (AC/DC tribute), Høvåg Storband (jazz), Clutterbillies (modern country rock) and Cool Tour (instrumental jazz-fusion) in addition to Big-B & The Stage Men. Some of the other he has performed with are Ronnie Jacobsen, Hanne Sørvaag, Christianssand Storband, Soultrain, Gaasehud, Inger Lise Stulien, Kinsey Rose, 4WD, G. Thomas, Steffen Jakobsen, Stephen Pride, Wendel Adkins, Hawk Christensen, Åsmund Åmli, PG & Frank, Ove Støylen and Arly Karlsen.